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Perou Voyage is a Peruvian tour operator based in Arequipa city, we are specialist in adventure tourism, cultural tours, and ecological tours.

We offer a variety of excursions  in the region of Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Cotahuasi Canyon, Andagua Volcanoes Valley  and the Petroglyphs of  Toro Muerto.

Perou Voyage organizes tours according to the requirements, all our tours and trekkings are specially designed for special clients, according to the physical condition of each group.

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Increased Presence of wild Animals Outsid of Protected Areas

Due to the obligatory isolation, the animals protected in the natural areas have decided to venture out and search for new lands.

As a scene of a Hollywood movie, in different parts of the world animals have taken the streets and have even entered to some houses in the midst of confinement due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Peru is The Best Birdwatching Destination in The World

The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism (PROMPERÚ) reported that the entered country has being recognized as “Best destination for birdwatching in the world”.

The ceremony was held at the Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall in Shanghai and the twelve winners were announced by Jonathan Scott, a top Kenyan wildlife photographer and host of the Big Cat, BBC-broadcast series about cats in their natural habitat.

Discover Tourist Attractions of Peru Without Leaving Home

The compulsory social isolation dictated by the State to prevent the spread of the coronavirus does not prevent you from continuing to know the world. Thanks to virtual platforms, move from the comfort of your home to different national and foreign places. Through Google Arts & Culture, Describing Egypt and Explorer 360 you can get to know the buildings of the ancient Mayan civilization in Mexico and Guatemala, observe the tombs of the main Egyptian dynasties, or tour Machu Picchu and the streets of downtown Lima. In the photo gallery, discover what these important tourist spots currently look like and…

Why to Choose Perou Voyage?

Why to Choose Perou Voyage?

Value for Money

When you are thinking about to coming to Arequipa and looking to book your  adventure trip, feeling safe in the knowledge a local operator will be negotiating the best rates on your behalf will allow you to manage your holiday budget.

Knowledge and Experience

We have many years experience in compiling itineraries and managing tours, we know the best attractions, cultural places, as well as those well hidden beauty spots the region has to offer you.

Safety & Trust

Feel safe and comfortable in your holiday environment is a must for anyone traveling to their new holiday location.

Dedicated Tour Guide

We work with local, friendly and professional people, you will soon form a bond as they introduce you to the best of what their country has to offer.