Peruvian gastronomy celebrates a new achievement, Ceviche anticuchos and arroz chaufa are recognized! Our national cuisine continues to gather recognition and be admired throughout the world.

This time, it was thanks to the TasteAtlas portal, known as the “Wikipedia of Gastronomy”. The renowned website included three of the most emblematic dishes of the culinary tradition of our country in its most recent World Top 50.

The ceviche was our best placed representative in the ranking, as it climbed to eighth position, after being evaluated according to the evaluations of more than 100,000 followers of the gastronomic portal. The flagship dish of our marine gastronomy is accompanied on the list by chaufa rice and the inevitable heart anticuchos.

Our ceviche also stood out in the marine stews category, as it reached the second position in the preferences of TasteAtlas users worldwide, just 0.02 points below the garlic prawns from Spain.

In 2020, the editors of the prestigious gastronomic portal TasteAtlas chose, for the second consecutive year, the Peruvian ceviche as the most popular dish in South America, above the imposing Brazilian churrasco and the popular Argentine asado.

Moreover, the «Wikipedia of gastronomy» included that year another 20 Peruvian dishes in its Top 100 most popular foods in the region, thus ratifying our culinary tradition as one of the most important in the world.

This good performance of Peruvian food is no accident. On December 16, our country was once again considered the best gastronomic destination in the world, after winning the famous World Travel Awards 2021, an event known internationally as the «Oscars of Tourism». Let’s keep celebrating and enjoying our gastronomy!