The Gocta waterfall more than 700 meters high make it one of the largest in the world. Its majesty and natural beauty make all its visitors fall in love.

In the Amazonas region, you can find a series of archaeological and natural attractions, such as the Sarcophagi of Karajía, the City of Chachapoyas or the Monumental Archaeological Zone of Kuelap.

But its greatest natural jewel is the Gocta Waterfall, located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. This waterfall is visited by tourists seeking to connect with a totally natural environment.

Public or private transport does not enter here, so you can breathe the harmony of the flora and fauna in each space you pass through. And for the same reason that there are no tracks or asphalt, accessing the Gocta Waterfall has a certain degree of complexity. However, the journey is completely worth it, because witnessing the permanent waterfall is indescribable, because it fills your soul and transports your mind to a state of calm never before sensed.

To locate ourselves geographically better, it should be noted that the Gocta Waterfall is located between the caserios of San Pablo, Cocachimba and La Coca, which belong to the district of Valera, in the province of Bongará (Amazonas region). And to reach it, there are a series of alternatives that fit the adventurous spirit of its potential visitors: you will have to take different sections (or routes) where you will combine long walks and horseback rides to reach this natural charm, but beforehand you can approach to your destination with buses (from the city of Chachapoyas to Cocachimba or San Pablo) or hired cars.

The Gocta Waterfall was discovered in 2002. The German explorer Stefan Ziemendorf was investigating a series of caves found in the department of Amazonas, but it was not until four years later that, together with a group of the most experienced local guides, he first records and investigations on the waterfall, since it had confirmed that this attraction had not been previously discovered.

His topographical notes showed that the Gocta Waterfall measured 771 meters -being the third largest waterfall in Peru, only behind Las Tres Hermanas (914) and Yumbilla (895.4), located in the regions of Junín and Amazonas, respectively- and that , in the surroundings of this beautiful natural wonder that is divided into two falls, there are about 22 smaller waterfalls.

As a result of its discovery, the first legends that relate the waterfall to mythology were also born. One of the stories that gained more weight over the years was the story of a golden-haired mermaid who scared away visitors from Amazonas.

This woman spent the night in the lagoon that lies at the end of the Gocta Waterfall, with the mission of protecting a brilliant treasure. And those who had the misfortune to get close, he made them disappear.