The stone forest of Imata is located in a place called Mauca Arequipa (old Arequipa), because in that sector there is a strange and very original rock formation, which is made up of a set of natural stone columns that take on the appearance of a mysterious enchanted and petrified forest.

It has originated through hundreds of years, it simulates different silhouettes that resemble prehistoric animals, faces, silhouettes, monsters, Andean birds, among others. It is a form of abstract art of nature, which invites us to interpret the forms that the rocks have taken, such originality allows those who visit the stone forest to admire such beauty.

Consisting of a set of natural stone columns of ignimbrite material that is the product of sedimentation of currents of material expelled from the volcano, it is made up of ashes, lapilli and blocks, the components are welded together, they can be called tufitic breccia of volcanic material of all the grain sizes.

The work done by the erosive forces of nature (rain, wind and sun), make it a fascinating and unforgettable place.

Location of Imata Stone Forest

The stone forest of Imata is located 150 kilometers northwest of Arequipa, in the province of Caylloma.