Inti Raymi The Inca and La Qoya are the most important characters in this staging, which is complemented by the royal entourage, and the actresses and actors that make up each of the roles of this important evocation.

But according to the experts, to interpret the Inka one must not only be from Cusco, have a good bearing, very good height, but also a great command of the native language, Quechua.

In addition, whoever interprets the highest sovereign of Tahuantinsuyo must have acting experience and fundamentally be a very good person, who does not tarnish such an important personification of him with his personal acts.

In the same way, the Qoya, the Inka’s wife, must have bearing, natural Andean beauty, be a lady in every sense, who honorably represents the Cuzco woman, who knows the Quechua language, and who also demonstrates extensive professional experience in performing arts.

Due to the high importance that this staging represents and due to the expectation that the mayor of Cusco generated by announcing that the Inti Raymi will be presented soon in New York, the actors: David Ancca Cuyo and Yaritna García Moscoso, fit these roles by far.