The Palcoyo Mountain is an alternative to the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, this new 7 Colors Mountain is located in the town of Palccoyo, 3 hours from the imperial city of Cusco. Its access is much easier than the already known Vinicunca.

Palcoyo is located at 4,900 meters above sea level. The hike does not require much physical effort, since the walking time is approximately 40 minutes. In the place you can also see a curious stone forest (rock peaks the size of trees that look like a true geological labyrinth).

How did Palcoyo originate?

The Rainbow Mountain Palcoyo, like Vinicunca, originates thanks to an impressive geological process in which the strata of the earth are aligned, thus creating layers of different colors with a surprising effect.

Near Palcoyo you can also find a mysterious stone forest, where capricious rock formations shape a geological labyrinth.

How to get to Palcoyo Mountain?

We begin the trip by vehicle from Cusco towards the district of Combapata, after a journey of approximately 3 hours you must turn left to the Checacupe bridge (suspension bridge made by the Incas).

You must continue the route through a trail for approximately 40 minutes until you reach a parking lot.

Already in the parking lot you can appreciate this Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain, however the best experience will be if you walk slowly for about 45 minutes until you reach the natural viewpoint of the Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain.