Prestigious travel and tourism publication about the 10 best beaches in Peru which includes the north, center and south of the Peruvian coast.

Tourists from all over the world fall in love with Peruvian geography and our coastline is admired for its paradisiacal beauty and its splendid sea that invites you to practice various water sports. For this reason, the prestigious international travel and tourism publication Lonely Planet made a selection of what it considers to be the best beaches and resorts to experience an unforgettable summer.

In the article The ten best beaches in Peru, written by Inés Rivera, Lonely Planet highlights that Peru has more than 2,500 kilometers (1,553 miles) of coastline decorated with many impressive beaches to enjoy and practice water sports such as surfing.


If you are looking for an ideal place to rest and fish magnificent specimens of corvina or lenguado, you should definitely visit Barlovento. Located between the borders of the provinces of Pisco and Ica, this is one of the best places to travel if you are looking to fish and taste some of the most prized fish of the Peruvian coast.

Experiencing what would probably be the best hand-rod fishing experience invites you to visit this fabulous beach on the southern Peruvian coast.


In the coastal desert of the Ica region, full of colossal colonies of sea lions and guano birds such as the cormorant and the guanay, is the district of Paracas. This magnificent peninsula is home to one of the most important marine wildlife sanctuaries in Peru.
A wide range of beach hotels, from cheap hostels to luxury resorts, are located in front of the bay, offering the perfect setting to restore energy with an excellent rest and practice water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. The authorized beaches to visit are La Mina, Raspón, Roja and Yumaque, guarded by amber desert cliffs facing light blue waters.

Cerro Azul:

The legendary Beach Boys mentioned this surfing paradise in their first big hit «Surfing Safari,» released in 1962. This picturesque resort sits on the edge of the fertile valley of the Cañete River and is adorned with a long pier, a long stretch of fine sand and the great hospitality of its inhabitants.

Known as a popular destination among families, this charming artisanal fishing town in the province of Cañete also attracts visitors to rest on its peaceful beach and enjoy its succulent cuisine, in which the emblematic ceviche stands out.

Puerto Viejo:

Many will say that the main attraction of Puerto Viejo is surfing, but this beach is reason for a perfect weekend getaway. Just an hour and a half south of the city of Lima, the seemingly endless beach hosts a fun spot for families and friends.
The wetlands next to the Puerto Viejo beach result in a natural ecosystem that is home to a variety of migratory birds that are worth appreciating and that must be fully preserved.

El Silencio:

Located in the seaside resort district of Punta Hermosa, just 40 minutes by car south of the city of Lima, El Silencio beach welcomes us with its sea of ​​gentle waves that gently sweep the sand and invite you to swim since they have a temperature average 20°C in summer.

El Tuquillo:

Hidden in the cliffs of Huarmey, about four hours north of the city of Lima, is the secluded beach of Tuquillo. From mountains to sand dunes and rocky cliffs, this place is home to curious caves, lagoons and peculiar rock formations.

Awarded an ecological prize for its conservation, Tuquillo is one of the less crowded beaches and offers a vast space to sunbathe and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the sea.


Also known as Puerto Malabrigo, this beach located north of the city of Trujillo has the longest waves in the world with more than a kilometer in length and allows surfing even for beginners.

In this beautiful resort there are many accommodations and restaurants to rest and savor succulent cuisine based on freshly extracted products from the sea, as well as enjoying unforgettable sunsets.


It is an old fishing settlement with a history of oil extraction dating back to the end of the 19th century, and has recently developed as a favorite tourist destination, among others for surfers, thanks to its great waves that satisfy beginners and professionals.
Lobitos is considered a hub for those looking for the perfect waves hitting the westernmost point of continental South America.

Los Organos:

If you are looking for a complete beach experience that includes calm waters for the kids, lounging around in the warm sun, and surfing, this is the place to be.

Located in the small fishing village of Los Órganos, this beautiful stretch of sand offers activities for all ages. Whether it’s a surf lesson, a snorkeling session, hand-rod fishing, swimming alongside sea turtles or whale watching, beachgoers will find unlimited opportunities for fun.

Punta Sal:

For those seeking warm waters and tranquility, Punta Sal is a serene setting with long stretches of sand open to exploration. Located in the far north of Peru, in the Tumbes region, this is also a dream destination for fishing enthusiasts.
Whether it’s spearfishing, hand-rod fishing, or taking a boat out to sea, Punta Sal is an ideal place to catch big fish like tuna.