The Arequipa Cathedral is an architectural monument considered one of the first religious centers of the 17th century in Arequipa.

During the colony its construction was done with the pair and knuckle system, but after the earthquake of 1868 it was rebuilt within the canons of neoclassical architecture of colossal order.

It is built in ashlar and has been covered with brick Gothic vaults. The facade has 70 Corinthian columns and 3 portals. Added to this are two towers, which manage to give the complex an imposing appearance. This church has three naves. The central nave is wider than the lateral ones, all covered with handkerchief or groin vaults and delimited by transverse arches.

The entrances to the temple are located in the side naves. It has a magnificent neo-Gothic style monstrance, carved in gold and silver and displaying a large sun with diamonds.

The main altar made of Carrara marble, the choir stalls, the sacristy, the wooden pulpit and the organ acquired in Europe in the 19th century are notable, all of them easily appreciable due to the natural light that the temple has.