In Peru there are a large number of thermal baths, some estimate that there are around 500. These places are not only perfect for relaxing, but they also have multiple medicinal properties for those who immerse themselves into the hot springs in Peru.

The best thermal baths in Peru and the destinations where you can find them:

Yura – Arequipa

This is another of the most visited destinations in Arequipa. It is located at 30 km north of the Arequipa city, on the slopes of the Chachani volcano, and brings together several thermal wells whose waters have very therapeutic properties. These contain minerals that help treat ailments such as arthritis, muscle pain, nerve disorders and skin diseases.

Thermal Baths of Pincahuacho – Apurimac

Belonging to the province of Aymaraes, the Pincahuacho thermal baths occupy a privileged place and fit like a small balcony at 3,160 meters above sea level. This location allows visitors to appreciate the magnificent panorama of the Chalhuanca River and has 12 recommended pools to combat rheumatism and bronchi.

Lares (Cusco)

Located in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, this destination is highly recommended for its medicinal properties. Its yellow-toned waters are chemically composed of all kinds of minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, copper, sulfates and bicarbonates, which, according to the experience of locals and visitors, cure any disease in a few weeks.

To get there, you must travel from the city of Cusco towards Calca, whose travel time by car is an hour and a half. Once in this town, take a combi that will take you to the district of Lares in approximately two hours. The thermal baths are a 15-minute walk from the town center, although, if you wish, you can also hire a taxi service.

Churin Hot Springs – Lima

One of the best known by the people of Lima is Churín, an excellent place to escape from the city and connect with nature. Here we can find the Mamahuarmi tourist complex, which has hot springs in stone wells and small waterfalls.

Cocalmayo – Cusco

Another destination in Cusco that receives a large number of tourists are the Cocalmayo springs. It is a very popular place for those who want to take a break after a long walking day.

Cocalmayo is considered the best in the region for the pleasant experience they offer to tourists. It has all the services. If you want to camp or spend the night, you can stay in one of the lodges located in the upper part of the bathrooms.

To get there, you must travel by bus for about 5 hours from the city of Cusco to the town of Santa María. Here, you will have to board a collective taxi to the town of Santa Teresa -1 hour drive-.

Finally, you will only have to walk for an hour to the thermal baths. Although the journey may be a bit long, the rest in this paradise is well worth it.

Chacapi Thermal Baths – Colca Canyon

The thermal baths of Chacapi, in the district of Yanque, are part of the thermo-medicinal resources of the Colca Valley. It has a spectacular view and is made up of three pools that reach 45°C.

Baños del Inca -Cajamarca

These hot springs of volcanic origin were the favorite place of the Inca Pachacutec. Currently, the Baños del Inca are a tourist complex that has more than 50 individual and group pools with waters that reach 70°C.

Aguas Calientes – Cusco

Located at the foot of Machupicchu, this is an essential stop after a visit to the Inca citadel. Many of the tourists who come to Cusco to visit this tourist attraction accompany the experience by enjoying these magnificent thermal baths. And it is that the mere fact of being in this place adds a dose of fascination to this trip.

The temperature of the waters always ranges between 38 and 43 °C and they are known for their high content of medicinal properties that benefit the treatment of rheumatism, as well as diseases related to the kidneys.