Life's a Journey

Your wonderful Peru experience

Life's a Journey
here is not necessary to travel far away from Lima to find the best lodging for spending a nice time in family or a romantic couple vacation. Escape from the traditional walks and  get connected with nature.

The idea of ​​these shelters, located in Huaral and Lunahuaná, is to offer to visitors more than a quiet stay, but also to have the opportunity to experience tourism.  This lodging offers activities such as horse riding, canoeing or canopy.

Forget about work stress while you spend the afternoon in a hammock in the middle of the green garden, or spend the night in a cozy ecological cabin. A weekend in these places will be enough to breathe peace.

Eco Truly Park, an alternative lodging located in the Aucallama district,  you can practice yoga or  meditation sessions. While in the Viñak Refuge, five hours away from Lima, where you will have the best views of the Lima mountains.


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