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It is estimated that the initial stocks of Mother of God had to appear thousands of years ago and cree that the Arawaks or their predecessors, the proto Arawaks arrived via migration, derived from many ethnic groups there, interacting with the Incas and later the Spaniards . Some tribes like the Machiguenga, survive to this day.


The National Reserve Tampopata-Candamo. Located at the confluence of rivers and Tambopata La Torre, with an area of 5500 hectares of virgin forest. Stresses by its richness and variety of birds (approximately 600 species), butterflies (900 species) and dragonflies (115 species).

With beautiful lakes such as Valencia, Copa Manu, Sandoval, La Pastora, Tambopata, Mother of God, Cocococha, Three Chimba and Friends; are equally rivers Manu, Tambopata, Madre de Dios, La Torre, Manuripe, Las Piedras and Tahuamanu.

The reserve is an ecosystem that has evolved unchanged for thousands of years, introducing one of the largest varieties of flora and fauna in the world.



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