The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism (PROMPERÚ) reported that the entered country has being recognized as «Best destination for birdwatching in the world».

The ceremony was held at the Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall in Shanghai and the twelve winners were announced by Jonathan Scott, a top Kenyan wildlife photographer and host of the Big Cat, BBC-broadcast series about cats in their natural habitat.

The group of judges who crafted the role with a dozen of winners is made up of world-renowned travel experts, famous National Geographic magazine photographers, and also experts in wildlife protection.

Infinite Discovery is the largest nature-specialized travel agency in China, and the annual winners list is designed to be a powerful tool to drive and deliver effective information for more travel enthusiasts to explore nature offering destinations.

While the list is set up to meet the needs of Chinese travelers interested in these kinds of experiences, it also allows more travelers to understand the infinite charm of travel in natural settings as well as the rich and varied options they offer.

Profile of the Aviturista

According to the Bird Watcher Profile, prepared by experts from PROMPERÚ, the target market comprises more than 6 million people who travel abroad to carry out this activity.

An estimated 2.4 million are interested in traveling to Peru, which would leave profits of US $ 7,325 million. Bird watcher spending ranges from $ 2,795 to $ 3,221, their stay ranges from 16 to 18 nights, and 34% travel with a tourist package.

It should be noted that the different routes that our country offers are well positioned as a destination for bird watching. Proof of this is that 79% of bird watchers value the wide variety of species found in the Peruvian territory.