Pack your bags and go to the Amazon region! Chachapoyas was recently declared the last safe tourist destination to visit. In this area, the imposing Kuelap Fortress, the beautiful Gocta Waterfall and the Chachapoyas Huancas tourist spot received international approval from Safe Travels. The entity considered that these places are suitable for travel, which means that your health will not be put at risk due to COVID-19.

This site is considered one of the most important and visited in the region, since it houses an imposing and ancient citadel that you can see first-hand, with walls that reach almost 20 meters in height. It was erected by the Chachapoyas culture, which developed these architectural remains between 800 and 1470 AD.

In addition to the Kuelap Fortress, you can enter the natural landscape of the Amazon and walk among its dense flora until you reach the Gocta Waterfall. This impressive natural waterfall is 2,529 feet high and is divided into two sections: the first is 757 feet high while the second is 1,771 feet high. Also known as ‘La chorrera’, there are several tour guides in the towns of Cocachimba and San Pablo, in the district of Valera, who will gladly take you to see it. It is possible to do a section on horseback and another on foot, to save energy.

Finally, in the tourist destination of Chachapoyas – Huancas, you can immerse yourself in a world of knowledge by visiting the Gilberto Tenorio Ruiz Exhibition Hall, which houses ancient belongings of the Chachapoyas Culture such as ceramics and textiles, as well as the flora and fauna of the region and their impressive mummies. Other alternatives to visit in this area are the viewpoints of Huanca Urco and the Sonche Canyon.

What is Safe Travels?

It is a seal that is awarded to all places that comply with a series of protocols designed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Help travelers identify which destinations follow a general health policy in the tourism industry. So when tourists see the Safe Travels seal, they can be sure that they are traveling to a safe place. The goal is for tourism to return to the pace to which it has become accustomed.

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