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Pick up at 6:30AM from the hotel with our private tourist van and english speaking guide for a little more than 3 hours away through magnificent arid deserts.
We will arrive to Corire – Majes valley located at 170KM from Arequipa city, closer the left side of the river is located Toro Muerto petroglyphs, is a volcanic rock area over approximately 5 kilometers, most probably the result of violent eruptions of the Coropuna and Chachani volcanoes.
On the way between Arequipa and Majes we will pass through coastal valleys were born because of the the rivers that descend from the Peruvian Andes, these rivers cross this arid lands until arriving to the Pacific Ocean, in this trip, these rivers form beautiful oasis.
You will discover hidden within this arid landscape are some of the greatest examples of cave art in the world.
An estimated five thousand pieces of volcanic tuff depict animal, human and geometric figures likely to have been carved between 500 and 1300 B.C.
Toro Muerto petroglyphs is a Wonderful and surprising archaeological site in the desert where we will find thousands of volcanic rocks with engraved animals, plants, humans, anthropomorphic beings, geometrical shapes, scattered on several square kilometers.
Archaeologists still wonder about its origin; it must have been made 1200 years ago and been realized by the Wari civilization. Then we will drive to Majes river, where we will taste local cuisine, the river shrimp, the most recognized dishes are chupe de camarones, ceviche, cauche and chicharrón all dishes prepared with shrimps.
Between January to March, shrimp commercialization is illegal.
After lunch we will go to taste one of the most delicious pisco liquor of Peru in a local winery, the unique and incomparable flavor of the Peruvian Pisco definitely is an mandatory experience if you visit Majes valley.
Return to Arequipa at 6:30 PM and transfer to the hotels.

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