Arequipa is one of the main tourist destinations in Peru. National and foreign visitors arrive to the southern department attracted by the architectural beauty of its capital city, as well as by the scenic beauty of its fields and canyons, such as the Colca.

However, many are unaware that Arequipa also has another great attraction, its beaches. There are 528 kilometers of coastline, along which the districts of Mollendo, Quilca, Atiquipa, Yauca and Quilca offer paradisiacal beaches, impressive views and a great diversity of fauna and flora.

Catarindo, The Hidden Paradise

This beach is located in the province of Islay, just 2 kilometers north of the district of Mollendo. Just looking at it is a delight for its fine white sand and calm sea, especially in summer. It is perfect to go with family or friends. The boat ride, diving sessions and fishing are among the best options within the activities that can be done.

Journey to the Center of Fun

Another beach that dazzles with its beauty, as if taken from an art painting, is Honoratos. The magic of this place transcends from the mode of travel: by boat from the port of Matarani (40 kilometers). Upon arrival, you can see an earthly paradise of crystal clear water surrounded by rock formations. La Huata and Acupita coves are part of this destination. In them you can walk and observe penguins and sea lions.

Oasis in Caraveli

In the district of Atiquipa, province of Caravelí, we find Jihuay beach. Its mixture of transparent water, white sand, rocky areas and green hills, as a background, makes it a true oasis where you can spend a moment of relaxation. Its appeal does not end there. Nearby are the Ocopa and Silaca streams; and to the south is the penguin viewpoint, from where you can also see sea lions, otters and dolphins.

Natural Pools in Yauca

Continuing in Caravelí, but in the district of Yauca, is Tanaka beach. The charm of this spa is in its natural pools, formed by rocks and rocks. Like an aquarium, visitors can swim through its calm waters accompanied by small fish. On the other hand, for people who prefer more action, the level of wind on the beach allows the practice of sports such as windsurfing, kayaking and sailing.

La Caleta San José

In Camaná, in the district of Quilca, an unmissable place is the San José cove, which can only be reached by boat, in a journey of one hour and 40 minutes from the port of Quilca. The trip is worth it, because this resort offers you to enjoy a beautiful white sand beach, crystal clear water and blue sky. Some tourists say that you can see shooting stars at night. In the place, it is possible to see sea seals, penguins, chuitas (birds with red beaks) and tendrils.

La Miel

This beach, which is also located in Camaná, is the preferred place for people who enjoy camping at any time of the year. An important feature of La Miel beach is its warm and calm water, which makes it a cozy and perfect place to rest with the family.

In Contact with the Nature

In Mollendo, on the way to Moquegua, is Mejía beach, with calm waters and traditional buildings. A few minutes away is the Lagunas de Mejía National Sanctuary, which is the habitat of resident and migratory birds. Another good alternative to visit on vacation.