One of the main attractions of the oldest cities throughout the world is the visit to its Historic Center in Lima.

Being the only capital in South America with access to the Pacific Ocean has its appeal: on the cliffs of the Costa Verde you can see a modern Lima, which is at the forefront just like the most important cities on the globe. But if you want to connect with historic Lima, a visit to the city center is essential.

Touring its historic center, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is living with the past and the present. Its beautiful squares and monuments; its imposing mansions with colonial and republican balconies; its multiple churches that house priceless works of art; and its restaurants and taverns full of flavor and tradition, are some of the options that can be explored on foot.

From a long walk through the always crowded Jirón de la Unión -the most important street in the Historic Center- until you reach Chinatown, where you can taste the famous chifa restaurants (Peruvian-Oriental fusion food); to visiting the most impressive museums in the capital, such as the Museum de la Santa Inquisición, without stopping to go through the Catacombs of Lima, to have a chilling and acculturated tour at the same time.

Everyone will agree that the first thing you have to see is the Plaza de Armas and the attractions that surround it: in addition to witnessing one of the most emblematic stalls in the city, adorned with a beautiful pool from the colonial era, you will be able to see the splendor of the Cathedral of Lima. This is one of the countless churches, cloisters and sanctuaries that are located throughout the center of Lima.

Nearby is the Municipality of Lima, which keeps inside an elegant and fine finish in each of its corridors. On the other hand, you will be able to witness the Government Palace, from where the highest leader of the country rules and in which you can witness the changing of the guard at noon, considered almost a spectacle by tourists.

Accessing the Historic Center of Lima is quite simple: the most important urban transport companies in the country surround the main streets of the center, so getting there will not be complicated.

Likewise, you can transport yourself to the center with a taxi or a transfer application, to feel safer and gain some extra time to walk its streets.