Cusco has that mysticism that makes thousands of tourists visit it every month. It has ancient wonders such as Machupicchu and the Sacsayhuaman fortress, as well as the possibility of reaching natural paradises such as the Humantay lagoon.

Also, in the center of the city we find a meeting point for citizens in terms of buying products, one with history and that exudes all the kindness and courtesy of its local citizens. What are we talking about? Well, from the traditional Mercado San Pedro.

Here we present the main benefits offered by this place of supply for the people of Cusco, in addition to being one of the fixed points of visitors in the ‘Navel of the world’.

The San Pedro Market, History of the People of Cusco

This enclosure, the oldest in Cusco, is located exactly in front of the square of the same name, just ten minutes on foot from the Plaza de Armas. It is in an area that was once part of the Chaquilchaca neighborhood, which is now known as Santiago.

In the 20th century, initially, it was established on the esplanade of Plaza San Francisco to later reach an annex to the Santa Clara beguinage. Finally, it was inaugurated in style on June 7, 1925.

Inside it has approximately 1,150 stalls where you can get everything from breakfast to utensils for daily life. Its doors are open to the public from 6:30 am. m. until 7:00 p.m. m.

The Color of All Cusco in One Place

Upon entering this center you can be dazzled by its mixture of aromas and color that it offers. From very early on you have the option of enjoying a delicious fruit juice and delighting yourself with a succulent marinade, accompanied by some bread.

The market not only welcomes housewives, who do their daily or weekly shopping, but also shamans. The latter arrive in San Pedro with the aim of obtaining seeds, huairuros and a variety of leaves -such as coca leaves- to carry out their rituals.

Different varieties of potatoes, coffee, corn, cheeses and quinoa are some of the basic products that are sold. Also, give yourself some time to taste typical dishes such as fried trout, Chiri uchu, Kapchi de setas or the inevitable Corn with cheese.

Even photographers and artists come here to seek some inspiration in relation to their work on the city of Cusco. Tourists are also surprised by the large number of fruits, vegetables, and stews that can be consumed.

In addition, if you are looking for a souvenir of your visit to the city, you have the possibility of going through the craft area, where you can get everything from sweaters and chullos to ceramics from talented local artisans.

What else to do in the center of Cusco?

The capital of what was the Inca Empire has countless possibilities for its visitors. For example, a 15-minute walk from the San Pedro Market is the traditional Qoricancha temple, a place built with stones and considered one of the most important buildings in the region.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to check out the famous Stone of the 12 angles, less than five minutes on foot if you start your tour from the Plaza de Armas. Finally, don’t forget to visit the Barrio San Blas, as well as the Basilica Cathedral of the Virgen de la Asunción.