The 5 most popular flowers of Peru are the perfect components of Peru’s biodiversity. We have more than 25 thousand varieties of flowering plants, many of which are native and very characteristic of our country. Each of them are unique protagonists of our landscapes, which may even have more than one use in the Peruvian home. Here are 5 types of them:

The Potato Flower

Owner of a beautiful lilac and yellow tone, this flower has as its fruit the most important tuber in Peru and the world, the potato.

Each stem can have a cluster of up to 30 flowers, each can have an average diameter of three to four centimeters, with five petals joined by the edges.

The flower can grow in different terrains and at different heights: from 500 to more than 3,000 meters above sea level.

The Peruvian Lily

A beautiful flower that has petals of different striking colors, among which pale purple or light yellow with brown or ocher lines stand out. It is known as the Lily of the Incas and grows in Andean regions, but with a temperate climate.

The Cantuta flower

A beautiful flower that grows in different colors: white, yellow, violet or red. It does not have a particular aroma, it grows in the form of clusters and can reach up to 3 meters in height.

It is considered the national flower of Peru and the sacred flower of the Incas, since it was carried as an emblem of the conquests and achievements of the ancient Inca empire.

It grows in many places in Peru, including the regions of Ancash, Apurímac, Cajamarca, Cusco, Puno, Lima and Pasco.

Some inhabitants of the Andean areas where it grows use this flower to relieve some ailments such as cough, eye inflammation or diarrhea.

The Orchids

Our country has around 3000 varieties of orchid, which is the symbol of the biodiversity of the flora in Peru. It grows in regions with forests such as Amazonas, Cusco, Huánuco, Junín, Pasco, Piura and San Martín.

Most of these flowers have three petals of two or three shades of color with strong aromas, which attract pollinating insects. Their great beauty places them as ornamental flowers par excellence, so their demand for social events or gifts is always high.

Amancaes Flower

Flowers with a characteristic intense yellow color on their petals and green in the center. It is the symbolic flower of the Lima region since colonial times, since the humidity of this part of Peru helps it grow and flourish, especially in winter.

They grow in large numbers in places such as Lomas de Amancaes (which occupy part of the districts of Independencia, San Juan de Lurigancho and Rímac) or in the Lachay National Reserve (province of Huaura).