The Humantay lake is located in Cusco in the district of Mollepata at 4200 meters above sea level, its waters are turquoise that lies at the foot of the imposing snow-capped Apu Salkantay. Its diaphanous waters come from the melting of the snowy Salkantay and it is surrounded by the magnificent mountains and glaciers of the Cordillera del Vilcabamba.

Humantay comes from the Quechua toponym HUMANTAY: «Head of the Gods». This name is possibly due to its location on the highest slope of the valleys of the Selva Alta.

Climate and Temperature

The Humantay lake, it is generally mild during the days of the dry season (April to November); frigid at night and early morning; and rainy and with cloudy skies in the rainy season (December to March).
Temperature: the Humantay lagoon and its surroundings normally range between 4 C° and 17 C°.

This exotic beauty is sheltered by the shelter of the snowy Humantay. It is recognized as one of the innumerable tourist wonders that the Peruvian mountains hide.

Since it has been known by visitors, the surroundings of Lake Humantay serve as a setting for mountain biking and stand-up paddling.

The Humantay lagoon, daily, is visited by hundreds of travelers. Among the adventurers who come to its crystalline waters are those travelers who prefer to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and routine. And those others who, beyond breathing the 100% pure air of the Andes and observing nature in its wildest state, seek to live unique and unforgettable experiences in its natural environment.