The Inti Raymi is a traditional celebration in Cusco, It symbolizes the maximum festivity of the sun during the Inca Empire, not in vain its translation into Spanish results in Fiesta del Sol.

The current Inti Raymi celebration takes place every June 24 in the City of Cusco, specifically in the old Fortress of Sacsayhuamán. The ceremony is a religious celebration in the manner of the Inca tradition in which a representative of the Inca together with different representatives of the four of his own and emblematic figures of the ancient empire, make an appearance in the wide court of the aforementioned fortress.

The staging of the ceremony begins with the entry of a minor Inca who enters to the Sacsayhuamán fortress announcing the arrival of the Inca. They will enter to the fortress and once inside the Inca will sing the song to the Sun God so that he blesses the lands of the empire, protecting it from the frosts of winter and so that his people can live in total harmony.

Continuing with the celebrations, the viewer will also be able to appreciate different rituals such as the chicha de jora, along with what could be called the most important: The sacrifice of a llama, something truly impressive on the dates since it consists of ripping out the heart still beating to the south american camelid .

This last ritual is carried out by an Inca priest who requests the presence of the animal on the usnu (or altar), the sacrifice is important for the tradition since the viscera and blood of the sacrificed animal are necessary elements to be able to know the future. that it holds for the people and if the Sun will favor it.

The celebrations continue once the announcements are positive and among the events that follow are dances to accompany other rites such as the sankhu, along with a final invocation to the God to protect the entire empire.