In Lima, at the intersection of the Madre de Dios jirón and Arequipa avenue, in the Cercado de Lima district, is the Circuito Magico del Agua, also known as the Parque de las Aguas. It is located in the Parque de la Reserva.

The Parque de la Reserva was opened in 1929 in honor of the reservists who fought to defend the city in the War of the Pacific in 1881.

Its architecture has beautiful European designs. In 1969 it was annexed to the study «Recreational Areas for Metropolitan Lima», carried out by the Office of Planning and Urban Development of the Ministry of Housing. In 1980 it was awarded the title of Monumental Urban Environment and Historical Heritage of the Nation, which was ratified in 1986.

In 2006 the Municipality of Lima built a complex of thirteen water fountains in the park. A year later, on July 26, 2007, it was inaugurated as one of the most important municipal projects of the decade, due to its large scale.

This park is considered an icon of the capital and is also a symbol of the recovery of public spaces.
The attraction of the Magical Water Circuit is to live the experience of witnessing the synchrony and the spectacle between the water, the music, the sound, the lights, the infrastructure and the green areas.

It is impressive to see how all these elements converse in perfect harmony and create a route that many countries envy. This tourist attraction is so surprising that in 2009 it obtained the Guinness record for being the tallest fountain complex in the world in a public park.