Similar to donuts or donuts due to their globular shape, and to fritters due to their texture, the Picarones are one of the favorite desserts for all Peruvians, they are considered one of the most traditional and exquisite Peruvian desserts.

Bathed in chancaca honey, these delicacies have been present in popular culture for almost two centuries.

The Origin of The Picarones

The Picarón had its origin in pre-Hispanic times, when the indigenous people prepared a similar recipe based on sweet potatoes and squash, ingredients that were part of the diet of the Incas.

Later, with the arrival of the Spanish, new ingredients were added, such as wheat flour and sugar, and the Picarón acquired its classic hole in the center.

So great was the success and popularization of this dessert among the people of Lima that, over time, the recipe was passed from generation to generation, especially among the cooks of Afro-descendant families.

Many of these women were town criers who advertised their products with verses or melodic songs. The Picarones came out like hot cakes in religious processions like that of the Lord of Miracles.

Currently, the consumption of the Picarones is so demanded by Peruvians and foreigners that it is possible to find a cart in almost any corner of the capital where you can taste them.